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Territory Cutter

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Inefficient Territories waste your sales team’s time and stop you from realising your business’ true potential.  Often simple changes reduce the amount of driving a rep has to do by over 17% .


FieldForce Planning’s Territory Cutter is a combination of software and expertise which gives you a competitive edge.  Territories are built using your own customer data enhanced with FieldForce Planning’s unique datasets.  The results are territories which are flexible enough to be truly workable while efficient enough to drive out excess travel allowing your team to concentrate on doing what they do best – sell!


Territories can be “fixed” around existing locations or allowed to float to the optimal locations.  Not all territories have to be equal: part timers and full timers can be accommodated with ease.


FieldForce Planning’s territory cutter process ensures a successful implementation for you to reap the benefits.

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