It is often the little things that matter in life and unfortunately they often get over looked.  Take, for example, your territory boundaries.  When were they last reviewed?  What has changed?  Do they reflect your company’s needs?

Few Companies can put their hand on their hearts and say with absolute confidence that their territories fit their needs.  Allowing the boundaries to fall in to disrepair is like allowing weeds to over run your garden.  It takes more effort to fix and if you don’t they choke your plants competing for light and water.

In the sales world this means that you are under utilising your most expensive resource your sales team.  What is more you could be spending needless hours in traffic navigating around territories.  Time in the car is time your team can’t sell, a one, two punch to your sales target.

FieldForce Planning design territories which minimise driving while balancing workload.  The result is that reps in FFP designed territories spend less than 3.8 hours a week driving.

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