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Call Frequency

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Call Cycle

How often should I call on a customer?  Am I losing sales because I am under serving them?  Am I wasting time and money going too often?

 Getting the call pattern right is essential to maximising your sales team’s potential.  Until now it has often been a hit and miss affair, governed by folk lore and intuition.

 FieldForce Planning can identify the ideal call pattern for every account.  The process uses your existing trading history where available, product type, order capture methods, sales potential, costs and distribution methods together with your current call cycles to identify the ideal call frequency.

 Over served accounts are clearly identified allowing resources to be directed to accounts which may be under served or have growth potential.

 A workload is built up for each call taking into account your sales process.  The end result is the right sales person in front of the right customer the right number of times to maximise your sales.



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