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It is vitally important to see where you stand.  Fieldforce Planning’s BenchMark gives you a 360 degree view of your sales effort.  In depth analysis of your sales calls, prospects, sales territories and cycle plans measure your performance. 


Existing Calls.

  • See what potential there is for sales growth from your existing clients?

  • Identify the degree of over and under servicing?


  • How much value is currently untapped in the market?

  • How much is in each territory?


Sales Territories

  • Just how efficient are your territories?

  • Could changes drive extra sales?

  • Is time being systematically wasted?


Call cycle plans

  • How many needless kms can by eliminated from your call cycles?

  • How much of the team’s time is spent on travel?

  • Can we reduce the amount of CO2 emitted?


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