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Merchandiser Expenses

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Your Merchandising force is a vital component of your sales effort.  Their efforts in-store ensuring compliance and availability, cutting in new lines and carrying out relays ensure that you are at the forefront of your category.


However, they are also a major cost.  And in today‚Äôs environment all costs need to be justified.   One of the key areas in which costs can escalate is travel.   It is often too hard to verify every single claim, and manually checking random claims may not be sufficient to identify any systemic problems.


Fieldforce Planning can carry out an audit of all claims made by your team for a given period.  Simply provide data on the accounts visited, starting point of the team member and kilometres claimed and we will generate a report detailing the road kilometres for each trip, and the amount of over or under claiming for each team member.


This gives you the resources to identify and the detail to coach team members who may be doing the wrong thing, provides you with a double check on their activity and shows diligence in your handling of a considerable budget.


This service can be carried out as a on off exercise or on a regular basis depending on the needs of your business.

Download a sample here

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